CHrist Church | 1691 Ironworks Rd | Winchester SUNDAY - Worship at 9:30 &11:15AM | Breakfast at 9AM

Real People

Our church is full of real people.  Real people have histories, hang-ups, habits, and hurts. Praise Jesus that He loves us through it all! This is a place where everyone is welcomed because none of us are perfect and anything is possible with Jesus. This is a place where it is OK to not be OK. This is a safe place for you to be you and encounter Jesus.

A friendly greeting

We love when people visit our church. We will go out of our way to make you feel at home. Going to a church for the first time can be intimidating so we have people in the lobby to welcome you and answer any questions that you may have. We also print a worship guide to walk you through a service and inform you of upcoming church opportunities.

Casual atmosphere

Jesus loves us just as we are. In the same way we care about you, not what you are wearing. Wear what is comfortable to you, find a seat wherever you like and enjoy a service focused on Jesus.  We won't single you out or make you say anything and we won't put an offering plate in your face.

A fun and safe environment for your kids

Your kids are so important to us. We really want every child to have fun and learn about Jesus every Sunday. We have safe and engaging environments available for your children nursery through 5th grade. One of our greeters would be glad to help your child get plugged into one of our children's opportunities.

Practical teaching

Our ministry team works hard to teach the bible in a way that is relevant, engaging, and inspiring. We believe that God's word is trustworthy and powerful. We want you to know the bible and to live by it because God's way will lead to life to the fullest.

Authentic Worship

Our worship isn't a production. It is a connection. We come together on Sunday mornings to meet with Jesus through bible teaching, prayer, communion, and singing. You can come as you are to connect with Jesus in a way that is authentic to you.